Mangalore: Oct 10 – City gets back into the Cocoon

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Updated at 8.00 pm, IST, Daijiworld

Mangalore: City gets back into the Cocoon

Oct 10: The clock struck seven and the city went indoors! Curfew returned to the buzzing city and cast its spell of fear.

By 6.30 pm traffic on Mangalore roads went intense. A mad rush was seen on the roads.

By 6.45 pm there was a grave-like silence. For once there was a feeling that Mangaloreans have learnt discipline. It was not wrong to assume that cane treatment teaches all people a lesson.

By 7 pm Mangalore turned into a ‘No Man’s Island’ and the pinch of a curfew was felt by all.

The police vans with announcement for people to stay indoors were few. Perhaps they were not needed as people knew well that they have to be behind closed doors by 7 pm.

It was a nightmare for 30-year-old Varuna, a Frenchman who landed at Kankanady, Mangalore at 7.10 pm. Greeted with lathis, this Frenchman had more shocks than a pleasant journey.

He stepped into Mangalore on a transit to Kerala. Shocked to see the state of Mangalore, he had none to come to his rescue. However Daijiworld Correspondent who has special permission to move around in the city during curfew dropped him on his vehicle to the railway station.

“What has happened to this city?” was the reaction of this foreigner who had visited India nine times.

A peaceful day for Mangalore brought hopes for a better tomorrow. People are now hopeful that on Wednesday section 144 will be lifted and all will breathe the air of freedom once again.

Mangalore Remains Peaceful – Life Moves on Briskly

Updated: Tuesday 4.00 pm, IST

Oct 10: With the situation in and around Mangalore being peaceful life here caught up with its pace by noon. The initial hesitation to come out freely on the road and the fear of any sudden violence prevented people from venturing into their regular business.

But with no untoward incidents reported confidence was built in people and Mangalore was seen buzzing by evening.

Rumours were making rounds powerfully. The bus service was in full strength and the deficit of essential commodities was filled by traders within hours of vehicles moving into Mangalore.

Tight security by the DK police and the additional forces from outside the district kept a watchful eye on all regions.

The common concern is to move indoors before 7 pm when the curfew will be re-imposed till 7 am of Wednesday.

Superintendent of police B Dayananda speaking to Daijiworld said that there have been no major untoward incidents and the city and the surroundings are peaceful.


Mangalore: Oct 10 – Law and Order Situation – Day 6, Life limps to normalcy

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Fear Still Alive as Life Limps to Normalcy

Updated: Tuesday 12.00 noon, IST

Oct 10: After five days of cloistered life, people returned to normal life. But the element of fear was evident. Further the eagerness to get back to routine life made people wait for 7 am on Tuesday.

Restless that they were, people were even seen near the barricades installed by the police by 6.45 am. As the clock struck 7 am, the vehicles zoomed on the deserted roads.

Within minutes Mangalore and around got up on its feet and moved around normally. However only few city and service buses ventured on the street. The rest followed them after a couple of hours.

Several shops remained closed till 11 pm, but the Central Market was buzzing with regular trade.

Lorries carrying vegetables, LPG cylinders, flowers and other essential commodities began entering Mangalore and soon trade resumed its lost pace.

Rumours were also active as reiterating the fear that people had after the dark days of violence.

However it was a great relief for people as they were fed up with the forced hibernation.

The situation in the city remained peaceful, but stray instances of violence were reported from the suburbs.

Police security was intense and they were watchful.
Updated: Tuesday, Oct 10

8-30 am

Mangalore: As was already announced in these columns on Monday night, the citizens will get a respite of 12 hours from the curfew in force – between 7 am and 7 pm. It will be re-imposed at 7 pm according to current information.

However, if the situation improves, the curfew policy may be reviewed in the evening.

With an atmosphere of newfound freedom, vehicles and city buses are seen plying on the roads.

Mangalore: Curfew to be lifted during the day on Oct 10

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October 9, 11-15 pm

by Richie Lasrado, Resident Editor, Daijiworld

Pics Dayanand Kukkaje

  • Will Vinayanna’s words fall on deaf ears?

Mangalore: Eminent and highly-respected corporate head, educationist and community leader Nitte Vinay Hegde made a very valid point at a peace meeting of different communities on Sunday.

He called for a total ban on bundhs and also did some plainspeak by saying the elite and the business community has been bending over backwards to the muscle power of those calling for these senseless anti-social acts for too long.

Today our society is at the mercy of fifteen people, he said cryptically, which was heard in a deafening kind of silence. It is time the citizens and the entrepreneurial community showed some spine and stood up to this nonsense, he said in essence. He wouldn’t have hit the nail anywhere else or any better.

It’s time our elected representatives showed some responsibility and opposed any such bundhs. It’s ironical to hear those in power today seeking a ‘bundh’ on ‘bundhs’ at this stage when the damage has already been done, while they themselves led bundhs and held the city or district to ransom, not so long ago.

The NDTV crew interviewing curfew-hit citizens in Bijai market

TV outdoor vans, never seen before in the city

If Mangalore earned a place in the international aviation map with a flight from Dubai landing here on October 3, the very next day the turmoil was begun by a ‘bundh’ which escalated into a wide-scale conflagration, resulting in a loss of millions of rupees and thousands of manhours.

Did we deserve all this?

And today we bow our heads in shame as several national TV channels, having pitched their tents here, show us bare to the world, while international print media right from the International Herald Tribune to the Straits Times carries the name of Mangalore for all the wrong reasons. Did we deserve this?

Then it becomes incumbent upon our business, religious and community leaders, social activists and thinkers to heed Vinayanna’s words and put their heads together to stop this menace, once and for all.

Will it happen?

Update 7.30 pm, IST

Mangalore: Curfew to be Lifted During the Day on Oct 10

Oct 9: Curfew will be lifted between 7 am and 7 pm on Oct 10. However section 144 will be imposed for ensuring security and peace.

Speaking to Daijiworld, SP B Dayananda said that Mangalore and around has been peaceful and the police has left no stone unturned to restore peace and avert any untoward incidents.

Forming groups in public places is not permitted under Section 144. However, schools and colleges have been declared holiday in Mangalore and in Ullal regions.

Union Minister of state for Home Prakash Jaiswal who spoke after his visit to the riot-affected areas said that a report will be submitted to the Central Government with details of the communal clashes that triggered violence in Mangalore and regions around.

The state government will have to look into the issue of compensation to those affected by riots. Meeting of the peace committee should also be held, he said making his observation that the police force in the region was inadequate.

Jaiswal also informed that the Governor of Karnataka had not submitted a report to central government.

“Such a prolonged curfew is not good for the region. Peace must be restored at the earliest,” Jaiswal opined.

Mangalore and around remained peaceful with no major incidence of violence. However, a total of 158 cases related to the riots have been registered so far.

Mangalore: Oct 9 – Law and Order Situation – Day 5

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Update 2 pm, IST, Daijiworld

Curfew Re-imposed – ‘Outstation’ Students Leave Mangalore

  • Home Minister M P Prakash Visits City
  • Outstation Students Leave City

Oct 9: Never has Mangalore been so disciplined as it was on Monday. The 4-hour curfew began at 9 am and curfew was re-imposed at 1 pm. The rush on the road disappeared within minutes after the clock struck one.

However news of one person being attacked by miscreants in Bunder area has also reached our office. This is a clear indication that hatred is still brewing.

A mad rush is at the railway station where the student community can be seen waiting in long queues for railway tickets to return to their hometowns. The police at the station are having a tough time to control them and maintain order.

The train being the only transport available is the saviour to these students who have by now seen the ugly side of Mangalore. Students who are from North India and other far-off states have however made arrangements for accommodation with their friends from the neighbouring states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharastra.

The state home mM P Prakash has reached the city to monitor the situation.

Traffic Jams, Mad Rush during 4-hour Breather

Update 11.30 am IST

Within minutes of the curfew being relaxed there was a sudden rush of people and vehicles on roads. The scramble for essential commodities was a common sight. But what was disappointing was the sudden hike in prices.

A litre of milk cost Rs 30! Which otherwise would have cost Rs 13. However people had to shell out that amount as it was inevitable.

The four-hour relief gave a relief to the people who never missed a minute to get out of their houses and breathe the fresh air of freedom. The hunt for essentials put them on their toes.

The foreign students for whom communal clashes, section 144 and the curfew was a never-to-forget experience entered the streets to fetch some food.

While the city-dwellers found most of the essentials after a quick hunt, the people in rural areas had to travel toward the city to meet their requirements.

Milk and eggs were the most-sought-after commodities.

Mangalore: Law and Order – Day 5

Update 8-15 am

Mangalore, Oct 9: The district administration has relaxed the curfew orders between 0900 and 1300 hrs on Monday, October 9. This will help residents to store up provisions and attend to other necessities. The order will be reimposed strictly after 1-00 pm on Monday.

So far there are no reports of violence since our last update.

The mild showers on Friday and Saturday nights may have helped to cool down tempers and douse the flames of hatred to some extent.

Mangalore: Curfew Re-imposed after 2 hours of relaxation

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Flag March Held in City and in Ullal

Updated at 2.00 pm IST

After curfew was re-imposed in the city after the two hour relaxation. However the police took out a flag march in city. With additional forces joining in from Mysore, the simultaneous flag marches were held in Ullal.

In Mangalore city, several police companies of District Armed Reserve (DAR) and Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) took out their march from SP office at 1 pm and traveled through State Bank, Bunder, Car Street and also march through Kudroli.

The flag march also took off in Ullal and moved through Thokuttu, Kuttarpadau, and reached Deralakatta.

This much appreciated move by the police intended to reassure the peace-loving people that police are with them. Further people also got a view of the security that the region has.

In yet another humanitarian move, the Southern Railway Mazdoor Sangh offered food packets to the persons in the Mangalore railway station.
Mangalore: Residents Holed up in Homes Again

Update: 1-30 pm (MB)

Mangalore: As the relaxation of the curfew was annouced, the news, for once on positive note, must have spread like wild fire through SMS and phones. The way life suddenly got revived, it was like opening of the floodgates. There was mad rush for provisions, vegetables, milk etc. Apparently people may have found more spare time, so even the newspapers were sold out quite fast. Curiosity to know about the past three days’ happenings may also have contributed to the brisk sale.

People were seen buying provisions in large quantities, being not sure how long the curfew restrction would remain. Shops and booths registered good business. There were reports that the prices had been jacked up and things were getting more and more expensive. A retailer told our correspondent that it was not his fault, but since the suppliers themselves had raised the prices, there was a rise in retail prices.

Since the police announced that after 1100 hours the curfew will be reintroduced more stringently, people are not daring to come out of their houses. For persons involved in essential services the police have been issuing passes. Yet, there have been cases where people have been beaten up before even getting a chance to show their passes.

There is no indication so far whether the curfew will be lifted soon, in view of a sudden flare-up in a couple of suburbs. Eveyone hopes that at least the curfew will be withdrawn, even if Section 144 stays as a precautionary measure.

There were some more sad episodes. A wedding that took place at Bendur had only close relatives. The reception has been postponed to a future convenient date. Sevak-Melvin Peris musical show has been postponed until further notice.

The national TV channels have camped here with their outdoor vans with satellite dishes on top. Times TV, CNN-IBN, Aaj Tak and NDTV are the prominent among them.

Two Hours of Freedom! – People Make the Best of Respite from Cloistered Life

Updated at 10.15 am IST

The two hours of curfew relaxation was a respite to the people. Come 9 am and the city swung back to normal.

There was a mad scramble at milk diaries and grocery shops. The sudden rush of vehicles on roads resulted in traffic jam on several roads of the city. However the curfew relaxation was a delight.

Several who spoke to Daijiworld expressed happiness of getting the opportunity to come out of their houses. Bakeries, eateries, medical stories, meat centers and vegetable shops saw large gathering of people.

The police who were on vigil kept the people informed that their freedom would end by 11.
Mangalore: Relaxation in Curfew from 9 to 11 am on Sunday

Update: 9-00 am

Mangalore, Oct 8: Sunday October 8 began like any other day for Mangaloreans.  People before realizing that curfew in on in the city, were on street to procure milk and other necessary things.  But suddenly they realized their mistake and went indoors after receiving a stern from police on duty.

The situation in city still remains tensed but under control, said police sources.  Since there have not been any reports of fresh violence either on Saturday night or Sunday morning, the police have decided to lift the curfew for 2 hours on Sunday October 8 morning.

Accordingly there will be relaxation in curfew from 9 to 11 am on Sunday.  People can procure necessary things including food during these hours. However, the police have strictly ordered the people to get back to their houses by 11 since curfew will be re-enforced thereafter.

Depending on the situation during these two hours, police may ponder upon relaxing it for one or two more hours in the evening.

Meanwhile, a total of 2 people have died and 70 have been injured in the violence spree so far.

While one was stabbed to death on Friday night, one more was stabbed at Punchame near Polali on Saturday afternoon.  A total of 7 persons were going to airport on an ambulance who were attacked by a mob at Punchame.  After attacking them, the mob locked them inside and the set the ambulance on fire.

As a result 4 of them sustained serious injuries and out of them one died in a hospital later.  Otherwise the situation is very much under control in the district.
Mangalore: Grave-like Calm and Silence Pervades City

Update: 8-00 am (MB)

Mangalore, Oct 8: With the exception of two isolated cases of violence that took place on Saturday evening in Polali-Addoor and Farangipet in suburban Mangalore, otherwise the city was marked by grave-like silence. After hearing about some of the people who had a ‘taste’ of lathis from the police from the outside districts and state, who had any knowledge of the local situaion, people or languages, most of the residents stayed indoors.

There are reports of many people going without food, ironically not for want of money, but there are no shops open to buy daily provisions from. The residents was eagerly waiting for the relaxation of the curfew, likely to be for an hour around noon. Informed sources said the curfew could be lifted, but the Section no. 144, prohibiting assembly of assembly of four or more persons anywhere, is likely to continue for some more time.

State police chief B S Sial, who had once served in Mangalore as the SP of the undivided DK district, could be very well-informed about the ground realities and circumstances here. He is expected to take a wise decision, both in terms of law and order, and convenience of the general public.

Mangalore Bundh and Common Lives – as an Eyewitness

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by Walter Nandalike

Mangalore, Oct 8: Over the past three days, Mangalore has been burning, life is disrupted and the common man is petrified. Mangalore has never seen such days ever before.

On Oct 4, 2006 there was a Bundh called by Kannada activists for implementation of Kannada in Belagaum, on Oct 2, 2006 there was communal violence in Kudroli which next led to two disastrous days in the city and the suburbs.

Very few people are the cause for this Bundh, for these riots, but thousands and thousands are the sufferers!

I had an ‘experience’ of a lifetime to witness to this unexpected Bundh when I was in Mangalore after the great joy of a lifetime after the inaugural flight from Dubai on October 3.

This is not something that had happened anytime earlier in Mangalore.

For the moment, it is hard to believe whether this is the same Mangalore where companies like ONGC are intending to invest more than Rs 40,000 crores and a place where SEZ is expected to set foot.

A couple of incidents which I witnessed made me think a lot about the life of a common person.

On October 5, some of the organizations had called for Mangalore Bundh on the pretext that a certain community was hurt!.

It was around 12.30pm. The place was Bendorewell where office is situated. The response to the call for bundh was not so much. Buses were not plying, because the owners were concerned about their safety. I do not think they supported the bundh as a cause!

An auto was parked below our office and the auto driver was waiting for passengers to carry. A group of people suddenly landed, started abusing the driver and pelting stones at the auto. Within minutes, the glass window-shields of the auto had turned into shards. The driver was scared and dumb-struck. The group disappeared but auto driver was so numbed that he could not move for some moments.

A few people gathered around. The auto driver was in tears. Just a few words from hit my ears as well as it touched my heart..”Sir, I depend on this auto for my daily subsistence. Yesterday I could not operate the auto due to Bundh..and today if I don’t work, I cannot feed my two-year-old daughter and wife. I had no option to operating the auto today. I just needed couple of passengers to have my today’s to earn our bread!’

But..the bread had been snatched away by the miscreants, and moreover he needed to get his windshield of his auto replaced out of his pocket, since insurance will not take care of it !

What a pity…what a punishment for this poor auto driver, when he was not at any fault?
On the same day later, I witness another touching incident which in fact became the inspiration to write this story.

The movement of vehicles had come to a standstill. No city buses, no auto rickshaws, or no other passenger vehicles.

A poor man was riding a rickety bicycle using only his right hand, while he was carrying a baby, about a year old, in his left hand. The baby appeared to be either sleeping or ill. He was balancing the cycle with a single hand, while also in a hurry to reach his destination, maybe a hospital or his home, where the baby needed care and attention. It was a poignant moment for anyone who witnessed it !

Most obviously, the man wanted to save his child and take it to the hospital. But there was no one to help him.

We are living in a country with a history of 59 years of Independence, but still we have to live on other people’s domination and at someone else’s mercy.

Whose fault is it and who has to pay for it?

Is there any human concern?

On October 5, 2006 the situation was worsened in Mangalore. The morning was horrible. Perhaps, Mangalore has rarely seen such a thing before.

The day belonged to the police force rather than the miscreants. Mangalore Police force was also joined by forces from outstation bases and other states. What I heard from my colleagues at daijiworld Mangalore was indeed heart-rending. A couple was riding by bike. The police stopped them and started beating up woman sitting behind ! She has no time to explain her reasons, but the police were just enforcing the curfew orders. The shoot-at-sight order was more favourable to the police forces. What was more unfortunate was that as he observed that the police were beating her up, the man in the front seat fled the scene, without least concern for his pillion-rider!

Who knows if she is his wife, colleague or just a friend who wanted a lift in the absence of public transport?

But the man never stood by his partner and the police just wielded their unquestioned might.

Once again, it is the miscreants who are the cause for all this.

Mangalore is indeed burning, the communal forces are in the driver’s seat of the situation. The security forces are doing their best to control the damage.

Who are the losers?

Until now, as on October 7, in the three-day-long bundh, business activity has been totally grounded; losses suffered could be in millions… for whose sake did all this have to happen?

The international flight had landed just a couple of days earlier and already made three successful trips. People are expecting Mangalore to boom. But only things that boomed were the rounds of tear-gas lobbed in some places as also the rounds of fire aimed in the air to scare the mobs.

Many people are planning to invest in Mangalore…but in this situation, will they be ready?

This communal violence has surely affected the image of Mangalore. The original image will either not be retrieved or take a long, long time to revert to the old state.

Mangalore is not like Mumbai, where people might forget the riots overnight and get back to business. People of Mangalore are sensitive; surely the prevailing situation will put a lot of thoughts into the minds and hearts of each intellectual individual who believes in decent life…
Mangalore had never been like this….let us pray it would come back its earlier, normal condition.

Mangalore: Curfew lifted for two hours – Video

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CNN IBN / IBNlive with inputs from PTI

Mangalore: Curfew was relaxed for two hours on Sunday morning in Mangalore, Ullal, Konaje and Mangalore rural limits which were hit by communal violence leaving two persons dead in the last three days.

On Saturday night, an ambulance carrying seven people was attacked by a mob about 20 kilometre from the city centre.

A group stopped the ambulance and stabbed the occupants.

One of them died on the way to the hospital and the other is seriously injured.

No other incident had been reported, district Superintendent of Police B Dayanand said. “The situation is under control now,” he added.

The curfew was relaxed between 0900-1100 hours IST. Violence had erupted on Wednesday after Bajrang Dal activists stopped a vehicle carrying cattle to a slaughter house.

Click here for video

Mangalore: Curfew imposed

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Updated at 10-45 pm

Daijiworld News Network – Mangalore (MB)

Mangalore, Oct 6: After a few serious cases of assault and violence reportedly took place in Padil and some other places within the city limits in the late hours of Friday evening, the district authorities are reliably learnt to have extended the curfew orders to city limits also.

This step has been taken after 8 pm, as confirmed by the district police control room to Daijiworld.

People were taken unawares. Apparently there were no announcements by mobile public address system. Many people in Hampankatta and downtown areas who did not know of the latest developments has to face beatings.

People who did not store enough provisions at home and daily-wage-earners will have a tough time, since the police sources indicated that the curfew might last till Monday.

Further to the earlier news report about the shoot-at-sight order, it was announced that the necessity of such a measure is part of the curfew enforcement in extreme circumstances.

Kodagu SP Ramachandra has been deputed to take control of the Bantwal area until further orders. DK SP Dayananda will provide a briefing on the situation every day at 6-00 pm until further notice.

Twentytwo additional platoons are being deployed to control the situation. If necessary, as assured by the state governmentm forces from outside the state may also be requisitioned. The services of the Rapid Action Force may be sought as well.

The situation will be reviewed after 48 hours. Depending on the situation on Saturday, further orders on opening of shops and establishments would be issued. 

A peace meeting of political leaders, community leaders, heads of organizations and officials will be convened on Saturday, October 7 evening to chalk out ways and means to maintain peace, law and order and harmony.

Mangalore Voilence: Trouble-makers Get Cane Treatment at Bajalakeri – Several Arrested

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Update 6.00 pm

Mangalore: In order to bring an end to the tension which prevailed in Car Street, the police in a quick operation arrested several persons who were involved in stone pelting in the evening.

Several squads of police marched into the narrow streets of Lower Car Street where groups were involved in rampage.

At Bajalkeri the police resorted to bursting tear gas when a mob grew violent and began pelting stones. A scooter was also set ablaze.

Police caned everyone and arrested several. However innocent people who were present there also had to bear the brunt of the police sticks.

Within a few minutes the road was cleared and several arrested. The fire brigade extinguished the fire.

Mangalore Bundh: Violence Abates – Situation Under Control

October 5, 2006 at 7:43 pm | Posted in India, Karnataka, Mangalore, Mangaluru | 1 Comment

Thursday, October 05, 2006 12:14:38 PM (IST) Daijiworld

5.00 pm, IST

The situation now seems to be under control. From dawn the city and outskirts have been dotted with instances of violence. However pro-active policing by the DK police has brought the situation under control.

The dynamic DK SP B Dayanand had personally been on rounds to all the hyper-sensitive areas in and around Mangalore. The SP who has been tirelessly monitoring the situation from Wednesday night was seen at the spot of violence with his best efforts to bring the situation under control.

The major set back that several persons observed was that the police were not prepared to handle such a situation as a police platoon had been sent to Baba Budangiri.

After the major group clash in the Bunder area in Mangalore where the police resorted to bursting of tear gas no major untoward incident has been occurred.

One cannot ignore the role of rumors that have been widespread from Wednesday night in creating tension and fear. The city grew peaceful by 5 pm.

Section 144 will however be continued till Oct 7.

Mangalore: trouble-makers Tear-gassed at Bajilakeri

2.43pm, IST

An alarming development is the spread of violence in various parts of the city. A place of worship was attacked by miscreants which led to an violent upsurge.

Police resorted to light cane-charge in front of Mukyaprana Temple in Mangalore after which the situation was under control. But however within a hour fresh violence occurred which led to friction between people of different communities.

The entire Bunder area was gripped with tension. The police burst several rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowd.

A tempo was also set ablaze and two lorries have been damaged due to stone pelting.

Latest reports have been received of miscreants setting ablaze a shop at Pumpwell and at Old bus stand.

Mangalore: Mob Assaults Media Persons at Chokkabettu

2.15pm, IST

Fresh reports of violence have been received from several pockets of the district. The tension which took birth in Mangalore had its impact even in places like Karkala, Beltangady, B C Road and Bantwal.

Media persons too were beaten up by miscreants during the violence on Thursday. Two persons belonging to a local news channel were attacked by a mob of around 200 persons.

Shivaprasad the cameraman who was on his bike to cover the violence at Suratkal was attacked by a mob at Chokkabettu around 2 kms from Suratkal.

Places from Krishnapura, Chokkabettu, Belthangady, Kalladka also witnessed violent attacks.

A rickshaw was set on fire at Pumpwell while in several places stone pelting has been reported including Uppinangady, Thokottu, Bajalakeri.

CSRP, DAR forces are in action and DK SP B Dayananda has been personally inspecting the hypertensive areas.

Additional Police Force Deployed in Mangalore

Latest Update 1.30 pm

Mangalore: Additional police forces have been rushed to Mangalore to control the situation after violent attacks mushroomed in several places in and around the city.

While Mangalore city remains calm its suburbs have been witnessing instances of violence. Our man from Suratkal has informed us that tension has been brewing in the place.

Several instances of violence have come from Suratkal which are an indication that several groups have been actively involved in violence.

Police forces have been deployed from Udupi and Chikmaglur. A police platoon which was sent to Baba Budangiri has also been called back.

Fresh instances of violence have been reported from Donderkeri. Stones and bottles were thrown at buildings. Police rushed to the spot and controlled the situation.

Police vehicles with loudspeakers have been moving around the city informing people to stay indoors.

Updated at 1-00 pm

Section 144 Clamped in the City

Although no incidents have been reported in the city, Section no. 144 has been clamped within the Mangalore city limits. The district control room has informed Daijiworld that the same prohibitory orders have been promulgated in areas outside the city where disturbances have taken place, like Suratkal, Farangipet, Bantwal etc. for a period of three days.

Latest Update 12 pm

Daijiworld News Network Pics by Sphoorti Ullal and Dayanand Kukkaje

Mangalore, Oct 5: Police resorted to lathi-charge at Adyar Padau and B C Road. Reports have been pouring in on police taking intense steps to disperse the mob.

Our correspondent at the spot has informed us that more than 1,000 persons had gathered and went on a rampage in Adyar Padau. Even after police opened firing in the air the crowd did not disperse completely following which they had to resort to cane charge

A van carrying milk was also attacked. Three passengers of a bus were injured as stones were pelt at a private bus.

The mob also attacked several vehicles and even persons on two wheelers plying on the national highway between Padil and Farangipet were attacked.

Police arrested two persons at Adyar in connection to the riots.

The violence which began at Farangipet creped to Adyar Padau. However tension prevails in the entire stretch from B C Road to Padil.

Latest reports have stated that friction among groups was witness in Lower Car Street and in the Central Market at Hampankatta.

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